Formix International

Quality Assurance and Testing System

Ensuring Excellence in Every Component

Initial Visual Inspection

The IC testing process begins with a thorough initial inspection of the integrated circuit to ensure it meets specifications, criteria and is free from any visible defects or damage.

Functional Testing

The IC undergoes functional testing to verify its performance and functionality. This involves applying input signals and analyzing the output responses to ensure proper operation according to design specifications.

Electrical Testing

Electrical testing is performed to evaluate the electrical characteristics of the IC, including voltage levels, current consumption, and signal integrity. This helps ensure that the IC operates within specified electrical parameters.

Temperature Testing

The IC is subjected to temperature testing to assess its performance across a range of operating temperatures. This helps identify any temperature-related issues and ensures the IC's reliability under different environmental conditions.

Final Inspection

After completing all testing procedures, a final inspection is conducted to verify the IC's overall quality and compliance with specifications. Any defects or anomalies identified during testing are addressed before the IC is approved for use.